The following symposiums have been arranged within the series of ISTSS:

• The 1st ISTSS  was held in Greenbelt, USA

• The 2nd ISTSS was organised in Madrid 2006

• The 3rd ISTSS  was organised in Stockholm 2008
Proceedings ISTSS 2008. Download here >>

• The 4th ISTSS was held in Frankfurt am Main in March 2010
Proceedings ISTSS 2010 Download here >>

• The 5th ISTSS was held in New York in March 2012
Proceedings ISTSS 2012 Download here >>

• The 6th ISTSS was held in Marseille in France in March 2014
Proceedings ISTSS 2014 Download here >>

• The 7th ISTSS was held in Montréal Canada in March 2016
Proceedings ISTSS 2016 Download here >>

• The 8th ISTSS was held in Borås Sweden in March 2018
Proceedings ISTSS 2018 How to order >>