ISTSS 2016 was held in Montreal, Canada in March 2016.
We had 226 delegates from 25 different countries represented. You can read a summary of the ISTSS conference in the SP Fire Research magazine Brandposten here.

Event Partner:
Ministère des transports du Québec, MTQ.

ISTSS 2016 Award winner:
Dr Graham Atkinson

For his fundamental studies on smoke control in tunnels. His pioneering work has been frequently referred within the research and engineering community.

ISTSS 2016 Best paper:
Fuel Pool Development in Tunnel and Drainage as a Means to Mitigate Tunnel Fire Size
Raymond Klein, Igor Maevski, Hyun Soo Ko, Yuan Li, Jacobs

ISTSS 2016 Best poster:
Review of road tunnel risk assessment-common aspects?
Florian Berchtold, Sebastian Thöns, Christian Knaust, Andreas Rogge