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At Johnson Controls, we transform the environments where people live, work, learn and play. From optimising building performance to improving safety and enhancing comfort. We deliver our promise in industries such as healthcare, education, data centers and manufacturing. With a global team in more than 150 countries, we are the power behind our customers’ mission. Our leading portfolio of fire suppression solutions includes some of the most trusted names in the industry, such as Tyco®, Aquamist®, Kwikstrut® and Grinnell®.

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HBI Haerter – Consulting Engineers are specialized in the planning and implementation of ventilation systems, mechanical equipment, air-quality studies, safety issues, risk analyses as well as the aero-dynamics and thermodynamics of rail and road tunnels. Since 1963 HBI has worked on more than 1000 tunnels and underground facilities.


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JES – a member of DURAG GROUP – is a leading provider of environmental monitoring solutions for traffic applications such as tunnels, car parks and road weather stations. Tunnel products include sensors to monitor visibility, gas, air flow and lighting conditions. JES sensors are robust, reliable and precise, made from the most durable materials, have low maintenance requirements and achieve the lowest life cycle cost for tunnel operators. Established in 1990 JES has equipped several hundred tunnels.

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FOGTEC is a worldwide leading specialist for Fixed Fire Fighting Systems (FFFS) for tunnels and subsurface facilities. Our services include consultancy, risk analysis, fire tests, design, RAMS analysis as well as the installation of detection systems, CCTV systems, control systems (SCADA), FFFS and maintenance. FOGTEC has installed FFFS into a number of high profile tunnels worldwide. FOGTEC is leading research partner for fires with New Energy Carriers (NEC) in underground facilities as part of the SUVEREN research project.

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VSTEP Simulation – Response Simulator (RS) is a virtual training platform built in collaboration with safety and security experts. It immerses users in a realistic 3D environment in which almost any scenario can be simulated. This advanced software enables you to re-create virtual control rooms, build incident scenarios in enclosed spaces, monitor via CCTV cameras and train response strategies in an effective, cost-efficient and risk-free manner.

Response Simulator is created by VSTEP Simulation.  

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AQUASYS – Fire Fighting with High Pressure Water Mist – AQUASYS is one of the leading manufacturers of highly efficient and environmentally friendly fire fighting systems based on high pressure water mist. Successfully verified by a lot of real scale fire tests the innovative technology is able to fight against solid as well as liquid fires like fuel and oil very fast and efficiently. Spreading out of the fire is effectively prevented by simultaneous and three dimensional expansion of the water mist and the associated cooling effect. Safety in infrastructure like road tunnels, high availability of data centers and high class industrial facilities and the protection of valuable historical buildings are representing some of our applications.

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We help companies, public authorities, emergency services and manufacturers of safety equipment to produce new knowledge in order to maintain a reasonable level of safety.

For example, we want to provide tunnel builders with innovative and effective security and safety solutions, we want to give authorities knowledge and support contained in TUSC research platform for underground constructions.

Our goal is to continue to be a world leader in this area.

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Founded in 2009 by Dr Conrad Stacey and Dr Nick Agnew, Stacey Agnew Pty Ltd specialises in applied fluid mechanics, tunnel ventilation and underground fire and life safety.  Supporting projects around the world, Stacey Agnew has a reputation for independent thinking, frank and well-considered technical advice, and creating value through clever design.  The firm works in boardrooms and back rooms, from project conception to hot smoke testing and all parts in between.

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With more than 52,000 worldwide and more than 900 in our tunneling group, we provide a comfort and energy-efficient station environment in daily operation and safe condition in fire emergencies for transportation infrastructure. Our Tunnel Fire Life Safety & Ventilation design and production teams employ advanced simulation techniques, and innovative design methods to obtain optimum solutions to client problems. Across our company, across our offices, across the world, we’re continually challenging today to reinvent tomorrow.